Stiv kuling left the established architecture scene in Oslo after 10 years of studies and work. The extreme nature and its conditions inspired us to leave the city and return to our roots. The characteristic landscapes at both Lista and Sogn gives us motivation for designing new architecture. We have established our offices at the Lista peninsula at the southern tip of Norway, facing the north sea and in Sogn, among steep mountains and narrow fjords.

It is the remote places on earth that gives us as architects motivation. Our work transcends the territorial/spatial borders between nature and culture. We search for wider reflections beetween construction and space and are adapting ideas from theories in ecocritisism and traditional handicrafts.



Stiv kuling as Sogn
Fjørevegen 5 B,
N-6856 Sogndal
+47 415 08 180 994 739 743
Kontonr.: 3201.53.33013 

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Eyvind Øgar

Sivilarkitekt MNAL | partnar | dagl. leiar
Stiv kuling as Sogn


t: +47 415 08 180



Tarjei Kannelønning

Sivilarkitekt MNAL
Stiv kuling as Sogn


t: +47 976 59 395